Book Review

Book Review: A Promise of Fire

My only wish was to spend the remainder of my summer reading good books, and Amanda Bouchet’s Promise of Fire exceeded my expectations (times a 100). I fell in love with this book.

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Vulnerability and Writing

Vulnerability is a big part of life, yet one I’ve avoided the most. It took me exactly three hours to come around to writing this entry. The thought of sharing my thoughts and feelings about art and life freezes me from the inside out. It fills my stomach with a ball of anxiety and stress. And it hurts.


Deadlines: Episode #1

Last week, I was scheduled to send a short story to an already published writer for some helpful feedback. I was excited, contemplating the importance and value of her help. The sample only needed to be two to three pages long; not much, really. I already knew the topic, the conflict, the setting, and the characters involved. Parts of the dialogue played in a loop inside my head. I even had a rough draft.

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First Draft Snippet: “Under the Sun”

The tune of Perico Ripiao echoing from the distance, the troops of families wrangling children and the chaos of the airport brought back memories of grandma. I clutched Grandma’s urn against my chest. The air smelled clean, tinged with the scent of flowers and salt, sea salt.

“Caro?” The man in front of me had a sheepish smile on his face. It was the only smile that could manage to take my breath away and annoy me at the same time.