Book Review

Book Review: A Promise of Fire

My only wish was to spend the remainder of my summer reading good books, and Amanda Bouchet’s Promise of Fire exceeded my expectations (times a 100). I fell in love with this book.


Deadlines: Episode #1

Last week, I was scheduled to send a short story to an already published writer for some helpful feedback. I was excited, contemplating the importance and value of her help. The sample only needed to be two to three pages long; not much, really. I already knew the topic, the conflict, the setting, and the characters involved. Parts of the dialogue played in a loop inside my head. I even had a rough draft.

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First Draft Snippet: “Under the Sun”

The tune of Perico Ripiao echoing from the distance, the troops of families wrangling children and the chaos of the airport brought back memories of grandma. I clutched Grandma’s urn against my chest. The air smelled clean, tinged with the scent of flowers and salt, sea salt.

“Caro?” The man in front of me had a sheepish smile on his face. It was the only smile that could manage to take my breath away and annoy me at the same time.