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Book Review: A Promise of Fire

Hello Friends!

I’ve spent my last summer days with my nose buried in books. In addition to having a full-time job, I’m scheduled to start graduate school in less than a week, which will limit the number of books I’ll be able to read for pleasure.


My only wish was to spend the remainder of my summer reading good books, and Amanda Bouchet’s Promise of Fire exceeded my expectations (times a 100). I fell in love with this book.

It’s an impressive feat of world building. The lovable (and funny) characters and the writing kept me up all night. Lovers of Greek mythology and paranormal romance, get this book right now. I don’t have intelligible words to explain how much I enjoyed this book.


Spoiler Alert! Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to read spoilers.

When we first meet Cat, she’s working as a “soothsayer extraordinaire” for a traveling circus. The truth, however, is that she’s hiding from her past, and from the woman who wants to enslave her and to keep her as a pet.

Cat appears to be succeeding in keeping herself hidden, but things get a little complicated when she meets the warlord Griffin, who decides to kidnap her and take her back to his newly acquired kingdom. Griffin’s family is in desperate need of help, and he’s hoping Cat would use her magical gifts to help his family govern during a volatile political period.


On the way to the castle, we learn that Cat is the favorite goddaughter of Poseidon, who might or might not be responsible for Griffin’s sudden appearance and Cat’s kidnapping.


Cat’s only goal was to remain hidden in the circus, where she could have been safe and happy.

“Happiness is a strange, frightening, fragile feeling when you’re not used to it.”

However, when Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus begin to interfere in her life, Cat doesn’t have any other choice but to acknowledge the gods might have a different plan.




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