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Writing and Healing

I have been busy lately, dividing my hours between work, family and some much-needed self-healing. The world, recently, has not been kind. It insists on overwhelming us with bad news. The world our ancestors fought to build seems fragile, but that said, I believe it’s in our hands to fix it before it’s too late.

If you or someone you know has been affected by one or more of the events that have wounded our world lately, then let me stand with you in solidarity.

Hate will not win. It will never win.

We are told stories about evil in the fairytales of our childhood, and everything seems to fall into categories, “black and white.” (I don’t like to use this phrase to describe “evil and good,” but it’s often appropriate.) However, the problems our world faces are not one or the other.

In our old age, we will become the storytellers, and we will tell our grandchildren about how the world used to be. What kind of stories do we want to tell?

It is daunting to think about tackling some of the problems of our world when we can’t even manage the problems in our lives. But we can and should try. Our legacy is the future of the next generation.

It seems fitting that the ability to tell each other and ourselves stories are what separates us from everything living and breathing on Earth. The world as we know it, our culture, our families, and our lives are constructed on the stories we have told others and ourselves. So, let’s talk and tell each other better stories to create a much better future.

Writers! Keep writing. It will heal you. Keep writing. It will give you strength.

Thanks for reading.




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